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Energy Share Project

A very interested community driven project


So energyshare brings people together in person and online to turn the system on its head. It gives everyone the opportunity to source, use and (when you’re ready…) even generate your own 100% British renewable energy – and save money doing it

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For reference. SUE: Sustainable Urban Environments

ISSUES (Implementation Strategies for Sustainable Urban Environment Systems) is the knowledge transfer arm of the SUE programme. At ISSUES, we are working to ensure that the findings from research work carried out by the SUE consortia are understood and used by policy makers, practitioners and other end-users. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), our team is led by Professor Paul Jowitt at Heriot-Watt University andProfessor Peter Guthrie at the University of Cambridge.


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An interesting read

I have just stumbled across this book.

This is the first book to directly address the physics of urban sustainability and how urban sustainability may be modelled and optimized. Starting with an introduction to the importance and key aspects of the topic, it then moves on to a detailed consideration of the urban climate, pedestrian comfort and the metabolism of urban resources. Comprehensive techniques for the modelling and optimization of urban metabolism are then described, together with means for defining sustainability as the fitness function to be optimised. It ends with an eye to the future of sustainable urban design and the means available to urban designers and governors to help them to secure a more sustainable urban future.


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For reference: A comprehensive UK research landscape on energy


The Energy System Modelling section has just been updated


The Landscape section of the Energy Research Atlas provides a comprehensive account of competencies and publicly funded activities in energy research, development and demonstration (RD&D) in the UK. It covers the main funding streams, research providers, infrastructure, networks and UK participation in international activities


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OSEMOSYS: the Open Source Energy Modelling System

OSeMOSYS is a fully operational and transparent framework for energy system modelling It is open source and uses free programming language, solvers, and data interface. 

OSeMOSYS has two main functions:
  • To widen energy modelling to academic and business communities in developed and especially in developing countries by reducing the upfront investment in training, software and human resources.
  • To provide experienced modellers a simple and transparent framework to conduct innovative model formulation and analysis

Contact: Neil Strachan, UCL-Energy Director of Teaching and Reader in Energy Economics & Modelling,