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Retrofit 2012 Conference

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For anyone interested in this problem, it seems that this is a good event to attend http://retrofit2012.com/

Five themes:

Theme 1 – Policy and Regulation

Policy and Regulation: covering issues relating to policy, incentives, standards and programmes designed to deliver the sustainable retrofit of the built environment. This may include programmes such as Green Deal, Energy Company Obligations or wider energy policy as it relates to the Built Environment, relevant stakeholders and associated technologies.

Theme 2 – Models, Performance and Evaluation

Models, Performance and Evaluation: addressing the models that are used to describe or predict behavior, building or technology performance at a variety of levels. This may include building energy performance modeling, such as SAP, modeling of behaviours or the impact of interventions to improve the performance of the built environment.

Theme 3 – Communities, People and Behaviours

Communities, People and Behaviours: addressing issues relating to demand side management, consumer experiences and related to the adoption and in-use issues of sustainable retrofit. This may take a wider community focus and how groups engage with the issue, down to specific issues of comfort, and how individuals engage with new technology in their homes.

Theme 4 – Technology and Materials

Technology and Materials: looking specifically at the issues of technology and materials within the sustainable retrofit arena. This may look at a range of new product/ material development, experimental testing, field testing or wider in-use issues of new technologies.

Theme 5 – Production, Process and Supply Chain

Production, Process and Supply Chain: looking at the production, process and supply chain issues that will lead to large scale sustainable retrofit. This may address issues of process developments, such as lean or mass customization, to wider issues of supply chain development, including procurement, and logistics.

Theme 6 – Skills, Jobs and Economic Development

Skills, Jobs and Economic Development: looking at the issues of skills, jobs and economic development as connected with sustainable retrofit of the built environment. This may look as issues of institutions, skills frameworks and economic models as relate to the development of the “Green Economy

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