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Next American City » Buzz » Street Science: New Approaches to the Old Problem of Sustainability

Next American City » Buzz » Street Science: New Approaches to the Old Problem of Sustainability

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Applied Urban Modelling conference in 2012

AUM2012 is the second of a planned series of annual symposia for discussing applied urban simulation models that offer insight into complex dynamics of urban change and inform practical initiatives. AUM2012 aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines, professional institutions and government agencies in many countries. The cross-fertilisation of ideas is expected to serve as a springboard for innovation in urban modelling at different levels – from conceptual experiments to policy appraisal.

AUM2012 will continue to focus on models of large city regions, especially their applications in addressing grand challenges such as energy and climate change. It is open to all model types and styles, although for 2012 we particularly welcome papers that assess different pathways towards energy efficient and climate wise cities, where system-level thinking is still hampered by a lack of common understanding of the theories and tools. We also welcome papers that report innovations in methods and techniques.



Modelling review: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/uploads/gallery/events/1713/Wegener_SuW_STEPs_03.pdf

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Urban Energy Resilience.

A newer concept which encapsulates the issue of how to mitigate the effects of environmental disasters and terrorism.

UCL has a centre dedicated to Urban Sustainability & Resilience

Academics are now starting to explore resilience for future energy systems. On monday I will be attending this conference on the topic: